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Frachtrasch disposes of a unique CO2 emissions calculating tool. We are able to calculate road transports under consideration of their individual and complex demands exactly according to DIN-norms. According to their parameters - such as traffic flow, topographical features, composition of types of vehicles and roads - degree of capacity and much more can be configurated. Many of the existing calculating tools are not able to do this job. 


The automatic emission analysis is also integrated in our data bank and calculation tool PF ProFracht and this is a smart function. Evaluation and presenting methods can be  extensively and individually configurated for you.


Every company in Germany has to run sanction list tests!

→ You did not know this?

You risk to be punished according to the export laws and the traffic laws. Irrespectively which goods/knowledge you are producing and if your goods are only transported inside Germany:

You have to check all your contacts and colleagues according to the so-called "terror lists"

Furthermore, actions for your company are required such as achiving of data and legally safe structures. Penalties for ignoring these may lead to:

Refusal of preferred status for customs handling -


We make your logistics more transparent and measurable. Our experts develop perfect monitoring systems - specially designed for your company - both, for transport solutions as well as for warehousing. We also offer a permanent service for you so that this will not bind any capacities and the documentation is made from a neutral side.


Das Logistikportal Paletten Report bietet Kunden aus der Industrie und Logistik vier digitale Produkte.


  • der monatliche Paletten Report mit aktuellen Palettenpreisen
  • Veröffentlichung von suchmaschinenoptimierten Erfolgsgeschichten als Logistiknews
  • ein suchmaschinenfreundliches Firmenverzeichnis
  • Paletten Test als Zertifizierung im Palettentausch für Fahrer und Lageristen

Paletten Report bietet Paletten Audits und Optimierungen von Palettenkosten und -prozessen.



Apart from our services for logistic tasks, we also offer complete solutions for similar areas. Our cooperation partner - VG Rasch Verpackungsberatung supplies individual concepts to packaging solutions.

More information you may find under: www.vbrasch.de

Co-operation with BME

Frachtrasch is an exclusive co-operation partner for price framework for complete loads. This national association being founded in 1954 for material, purchasing and logistics management (BME is a leading specialized association for purchasers, supply chain managers and logistic experts in Germany and continental Europe)


Frachtrasch is reprensented by Detlef Ohlms as member of BDSF. This national association of German consultants and specialists is one of the biggest and oldest associations for experts in Germany. It has been certified according to German ISO norms ISO 9001:2008 and disposes of a large network of qualified experts and consultants.


  • Dialog Textil-Bekleidung
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  • BVL Bundesvereinigung Logistik e. V.
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  • Logistikportal Niedersachsen e. V.
    Breite Straße 7, 30159 Hannover
  • Logistik-Initiative Hamburg
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  • BVN Bildungswerk Verkehrsgewerbe Niedersachsen e. V.
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