Transparency of market. Competence



Take advantage of incomparable market transparency, resulting from many hundreds of million Euros of benchmark volumn as well as more than 12,000 up to date offers for transport costs for all means of transport / road-rail-air-sea.

  • Calculations of different scenario /what-if simulation
  • evaluation of service quality
  • consideration of specific requirements of the branch
  • best price ranking/ presentation of saving potentials
  • detailled presentation of results
  • preparation and realisation of negotiations with transport companies
  • Calculations of scenario/ what-if simulations
  • evaluation of relevant key data such as stopp factor, package factor, delivery frequencies etc
  • evaluation of service quality
  • choice of required service features, e. g. late deliveries, weekend-deliveries, premium services, customs clearance, lead-times...
  • consideration of specific requirements of the branch
  • best price ranking/ presentation of saving potentials
  • detailled presentation of results
  • preparation and realisation of negotiations with transport companies
  • What is your effective toll share of the shipment in relation to the total toll fees?
  • Does the lorry exclusively use toll roads?
  • Are there too much shares of "empty miles" for the calculation of the toll?
  • Is the means of transport due to pay toll?

Based on the structure of the goods/consignment we calculate your toll fees.


Are you able to check your invoices in a professional way?

Do you have the required personal ressources?

  • Intransparent price models, tolls, diesel surcharges and other extra costs - you risk to lose track:
  • ignoring offers/ keyword digitalization
  • Missing space-/goods ratio
  • Ignoring consolidisation of goods
  • transposed digits/double-invoicing/differences of freight prices
  • differences of currencies
  • differences of toll
  • and much more ............

Let our knowledge work for you!


By carefully observing existing processes and your courage to change - you may find high saving potentials. Please evaluate this with us and find solutions!

Flow of goods optimizing / - control

  • Creation of "loading community" / direct or indirect
  • reaction to changing target areas/new markets

analysis of place

  • research of ideal place based on freight costs aspects

freight costs compensation

  • Do you find your freight expenses in your final results?
  • Do you work with minimum order volumes in order not to have to many small deliveries?
  • Does your market situation allow you to make changes in the existing parameters?

Tour optimising

  • Are your tours planned kilometrically well?
  • Do you have too many wishes of your customers which influence your tour planning in a sub-optimal way?

Delivery frequence analysis

  • Why do you have several  weekly deliveries /monthly deliveries to one client with different service companies - forwarders and parcel services?
  • Does your market and the competition allow you to chose certain delivery days?
  • Can you control minimum order volumes by implementations or modifications?


Permanent mandate or one-time analysis of transport costs.

Do you focus more to the evaluation of conditions of a certain time frame?

Or do you need permanent consulting and freight invoice evaluations?

After our initial talks we may submit a perfect offer based on your requirements and needs.

Co-operation with BME

Frachtrasch is an exclusive co-operation partner for price framework for complete loads. This national association being founded in 1954 for material, purchasing and logistics management (BME is a leading specialized association for purchasers, supply chain managers and logistic experts in Germany and continental Europe)


Frachtrasch is reprensented by Detlef Ohlms as member of BDSF. This national association of German consultants and specialists is one of the biggest and oldest associations for experts in Germany. It has been certified according to German ISO norms ISO 9001:2008 and disposes of a large network of qualified experts and consultants.


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  • BVL Bundesvereinigung Logistik e. V.
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  • Logistikportal Niedersachsen e. V.
    Breite Straße 7, 30159 Hannover
  • Logistik-Initiative Hamburg
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  • BVN Bildungswerk Verkehrsgewerbe Niedersachsen e. V.
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